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The "Special Selection by Vincent Pardieu" subcategory is composed of 50 specimens that are selected by Vincent pardieu, a consultant field gemologist working with Greenland Ruby since 2017, as his personal favourites (see video). These were mined during summer 2021 at the Aappaluttoq Ruby Mine in South-West Greenland and were put aside by the mine geologists for their interest and beauty (even though they might have been slightly damaged during the mining process). Specimens will be added regularly, one by one in this group. 

You will find each of them three photos: One with natural daylight, one with incandescent light and finally one with short wave (254 nm) fluorescent light.

Furthermore, you will also find a link to a short video where Vincent Pardieu will provide a short description of the specimen and an explanation about why he selected that specimen to be kept intact for present and future generations of collectors. 

(Here is the link to the video for specimen T-231)


Data sheet

Piece size (Length, Width, Height in mm)
Specimen weight (gram)
Mine Block 208-8

The ruby specimens from Greenland Ruby were formed nearly 3 billion years ago during a metasimatic process within the Fiskenæsset anorthosite complex in the southwest of Greenland. The deposit is believed to be the oldest on earth. Rubies are the red variety of the mineral corundum, and in this location, are associated with amphiboles, mica and feldspar, as well as rarer minerals such as sapphirine and cordierite. The deposit was recorded during the 1960's by GEUS, the Danish Geological Survey, and mining operations officially started in 2017 under Greenland Ruby, at a location named Aappaluttoq (meaning red in Greenlandic) located at 63°00'40*N 50°19'10W.

Greenland Ruby mineral specimens have been carefully selected and identified by our geologists and are kept intact for collectors to study and enjoy. Each crystal specimen is registered individually in the company's sophisticated database and comes with a Passport of Authenticity. 

The licence to mine these icy treasures was issued by the Government of Greenland, a stable and autonomous authority supporting mineral and mining development in the country. Greenland Ruby is a member of the RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council). 

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